DXRacer VS Secretlab – Who Won The Battle?

DXRacer VS Secretlab – Who Won The Battle?

Being a gamer, it is not a myth that you will often spend a good amount of your free time in front of a gaming unit. May it be a PC or a TV, with time these long due hours will take a toll on your body resulting in back, neck and shoulder pains. This looks like something that is destined for a gamer, but there is a solution, which is to buy a proper gaming chair.

A gaming chair has soon gone from what was a luxury item for a gamer to be a bare necessity, the availability of these products has made the decision of picking a proper brand truly difficult. With a lot of counterfeit and low-quality products being sold on the market, it is always safe to go with brands that are well-reputed.

Here we will be looking at two of the giants of the chair industry that have been here through the test of time and continued to produce happy smiling customers, namely the brands DXRacer and Secretlab. When pitting the DXRacer gaming chair against the Secretlab gaming chair there are a plethora of comparisons to be made. In this article, we will be looking at the DXRacer Vs Secretlab taking the consumer’s perspective as the main viewpoint.

Let’s Look Into Some History

Both the companies DXRacer and Secretlab are not new to the chair industry, while Secretlab focuses solely on gaming chairs since it started in 2014, DXRacer has been around since 2001 where it began office chairs before releasing its original DXRacer racing chair in 2006 which was a revolutionary product for gamers of its time. Both these manufacturers have now risen to be two of the giants in their field, but it can be said that DXRacer has easily beaten Secretlab on its aging expertise. DXRacer holds a good reputation for its productions just as much as a Secretlab but over a longer duration making it win against the test of time.

DXRacer has a large presence in the world of esports and has many ambassadors all over the community from professional Esports athletes and their teams, however, it should also be noted that Secretlab recently started on collaborating with console and gaming companies such as PlayStation, Riotgames, and Ubisoft. It is pretty obvious that DXRacer holds more popularity, but Secretlab is making big waves as well. But as always, nothing beats seeing your favorite players using the same chair as you.

What are there Series and Its Pricing?

As of now, DXRacer has more than 10 series available for purchase which is significantly a larger number when compared to Secretlabs choice of 4.

DXRacer Series

  1. Formula Series
  2. Racing Series
  3. King Series
  4. Valkyrie Series
  5. Sentinel Series
  6. Tank Series
  7. Drifting Series
  8. Iron Series
  9. Boss Series
  10. Classic Series

The prices of the DXRacer chair series range from $289-$799

DXRacer Gaming Chair
DXRacer Gaming Chair

Secretlab Series

  1. Secretlab Throne
  2. Secretlab Omega
  3. Secretlab Titan
  4. Secretlab Titan XL

The Prices of the Secretlab chair series range from $299-$999

Secretlab Gaming Chair
Secretlab Gaming Chair

Both brands start at the same price and progress at a similar rate with both brands giving their high-end chairs a price that reaches the $1000 mark.

DXRacer vs Secretlab – Features and Designs Comparison

1) Size availability

The classing of weights is of the utmost importance when it comes to picking a chair as no matter how good it looks if it cannot bear your weight and build accordingly it is of little use. Thankfully both the DXRacer gaming chair series and the Secretlab gaming chair series have products that suit all kinds of builds.

The DXRacer gaming chair series has different weight classes, ranging from small to heavy builds, meaning you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The Formula series is made for users with smaller builds whereas the Racing, Drifting and Valkyrie will fit users that have average builds, finally the Boss and tank which are geared towards large and heavy builds.

The maximum load the Tank series can bear is 450lbs.

Secretlab Gaming Chair offers 4 choices that are mainly divided from its weight class. The Secretlab Throne is designed for users with smaller builds, Secretlab Omega is for the average build and weight, whereas the Secretlab Titan and Titan XL are geared towards extremely large builds and for users belonging to a heavier weight class.

The maximum load the Titan XL can bear is 396lbs.

2) Color choices availability

Both the DXRacer gaming chair series and the Secretlab gaming chair series have an adequate number of color options to choose from. The DXRacer usually offers around 5 color options to pick from similar to the Secretlab gaming chair series which provides 4 colors but with more vivid designs for certain models. The availability of a color palette was a godsend to me when I was picking out my Gaming chair, as it allowed me to move away from the classic black which comes as a default for many and move onto a blue-tinged Secretlab Titan.

Secretlabs Choice Palette
Secretlab’s Choice Palette

3) Features

Both the DXRacer gaming chair series and the Secretlab gaming chair series have a large number of features that have resulted in them gaining the fame and reputation they have today. Here we will be looking at a breakdown of the features associated with a good gaming chair and how both models fared in them through my personal experience using them.

4) Comfort and functionality

Comfort and functionality are two things that go hand in hand when testing out a product. The ergonomics involved when using a product is a prominent factor that ultimately results in customer satisfaction.

5) Armrests

I am a heavy gamer and therefore the pains that come due to improper arm position are a major factor that dulls my playtime. It takes maybe a few hours of maintaining a bad position before the aches and pains start to kick in. Trying out the Secretlab gaming chair series I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied to see that it had a 4D armrest.

A 4D armrest will allow you to change its position in 4 dimensions, thereby allowing you to shift its position to meet your requirements. All gaming chairs from Secretlabs even the lower-priced ones have this feature. As it is a chair that is geared towards gamers, it is my opinion that Secretlabs have done a good job in adding them to the standard build instead of it being a luxury addition.

This comes down to our first issue, DXRacer does not provide 4D armrests on its lower-priced gaming chairs. DXRacer does offer the user to add a 4D armrest but at a higher cost. The larger sized chairs such as the TANK, BOSS and IRON do have this feature as a standard in its build.

Secretlab Armrest
Secretlab Armrest

6) Tilt/Recline

After a few hours of gaming, it is natural for someone to be wanting to lean back and take a break. Luckily both brands provide this feature on all its products. The DXRacer and Secretlab series allows its users to utilize its deep recline and tilt feature to take a break whenever needed. I found this to be one of the more enjoyable features as it allowed me to take a break without having to move around.

The additional Tilt-angle lock is however not present on any of the lower-priced models regardless of brand. It is only found on Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN chairs, as well as on DXRacer King, Sentinel, Iron and Classic, and some of the more pricey Drifting and Racing Series chairs.

It should be noted that the tilt and recline of the two brands differ on certain models.
The Secretlab gaming chairs offer a 165-degree angle of tilt whereas certain models of the DXRacer series such as the Formula series only offer 135 degrees. It is best to consider this when picking an appropriate model regardless of brand

7) Pillows and Lumbar support

Secretlab once again provides all its models with adjustable neck support which is not found on all DXRacer models( Boss and Classic have fixed neck support). The neck pillow that comes with the Secretlab chair is built from memory foam so it adjusts to your position without feeling clunky. In addition to that, I found the presence of the cooling gel in the Secretlab chair’s neck pillows to be super comfortable, as it prevented the back of the head from getting soaked with sweat.

The lumbar support on the DXRacer is commendable as its adjustable pillow for the lower back gave a sense of comfortability that I did not feel on the fixed back support that comes with the Secretlab models. However, it should be noted that the Titan and Titan XL series does come with a specialized lumbar support system that is built onto the backrest.

Secretlab Lumbar Support System
Secretlab Lumbar Support System

8) Base

The base is what holds the weight of the user and it should be noted that the Secretlab offers a strong 5-star aluminum base on all its models whereas the DXRacer has opted to use a nylon base on some of its lighter weight models. But this is acceptable as it certainly falls onto the proper category being suited for smaller builds. But as some prefer to have the aluminum build regardless of one’s build the Secretlab Gaming chair series may be a good pick.

DXRacer Base
DXRacer Base

9) Fabric

The fabric of the gaming chair is one of the most important factors that contribute to the comfort of its user. The proper fabric is what defines how well you can sit on it without feeling uncomfortable due to the texture and various other implications.

Currently, there are 2 common fabrics that are used by both the DXRacer gaming chair series and the Secretlab gaming chair series.

  • PU Leather

This material is less breathable and is designed to feel like premium leather. The material is extremely resistant to spills and can be quickly dried with a little bit of wiping. In other words, the material is flexible and smooth. However, the reduced breathability may cause it to get heated up.

  • Softweave Fabric

This is made from cloth and is very much more breathable when compared to the PU Leather but it lacks the finish that the other gives. It is engineered to keep its form after heavy use and since it is made out of cloth it is pet friendly. In summary, the material is soft, cozy and textured.

The third material used in known as NAPA Leather. This is a premium finish upholstery and is very expensive. The material is made from full-grain leather. It is generally very durable and also more breathable when compared to the PU Leather which is much more common.

Gaming Chair Fabric

Secretlab allows its customers to those their upholstery from all 3 materials. This allows them to pick a build and customize it according to their budget and if they have some spare cash they can always upgrade the upholstery to the upper tier. I found this to be extremely beneficial as it allowed me to have an option.

However, DXRacer does allow its users to make certain customizations but it is very much limited when compared to its competitor. This is because 3 out of 10 in its have only 1 type of upholstery (Valkyrie, Boss, and Classic). Other series have lots of different models available with various materials like mesh fabric, PU leather, Carbon Look Vinyl or full-grain leather. So if you wish to purchase a gaming chair that belongs to one of those three, then its disappointing to say that you are out of luck.

10) Customer Warranty

Secretlab offers its gaming chairs a warranty period of 3 years for its 2020 series and 2 years for anything else. However, users are able to extend their warranty to 5 years using the extended warranty program which can be redeemed at their official website.

DXRacer offers a 2-year warranty on the chair parts and a lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

Both these companies have excellent support systems where customers can contact them for their needs and wishes. Secretlab and DXRacer both have online inquiry forms on their website which is their main form of communication. DXRacer does, however, have an active phone line for its customers as well.

DXRacer Vs Secretlab, who won?

Well, taking my experience into account it is hard to give a clear winner and deem the loser to be inferior as both products are at the top of their line in the field of gaming chairs. However, it is possible to pick a winner hypothetically based on the preferences of different users.

DXRacer won if,

  1. You wish to buy a gaming chair that was built by a company that has been around for more than a decade and closing two pretty soon.
  2. You wish to buy a gaming chair that provides more value for the buck.
  3. You wish to buy a gaming chair that will assist you in reducing back pain which you may frequently endure.
  4. You wish to buy a chair that has more space and load-bearing potential.
  5. You wish to buy a ready-made chair that fits a generic gamer.

Secretlab won if,

  1. You wish to buy a gaming chair that was designed by gamers for gamers.
  2. You wish to buy a gaming chair that has more customizations and upholstery choices.
  3. You wish to buy a gaming chair that is generally less expensive when compared to the DXRacer when not stocked up by additional features.
  4. You wish to buy a gaming chair that has a 4D armrest on its standard build.
  5. You wish to buy gaming that has specialized lumbar support systems (in regard to past experiences with such chairs).

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