10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard – 2020 Edition

Wireless keyboards have come a long way from what they were a couple of years ago, they have progressed from being unresponsive and faulty to a viable alternative to a wired keyboard. Wireless gaming keyboards have quickly stocked up the markets spanning all the way from Europe to the United States, thereby making it difficult to pick a suitable wireless gaming keyboard when faced with hordes of look-alikes.

Being a heavy gamer myself, who dives into the worlds of FPS and competitive MOBA all week around, having the best equipment had become a bare necessity for me rather than a luxury as it removes all the discrepancies that come along with bad hardware. Here in this article, we will be looking at the best wireless gaming keyboards in existence to date. It should be mentioned that the following items were tested by us over a period of 30 days, which we felt was long enough to cover the essentials of what makes it one of the best wireless gaming keyboards in the market.

What separates a good wireless gaming keyboard from a bad one? The answer is not a single statement but a combination of reasons the doubles up with the act of minimizing compromises. The build, materials, sturdiness, durability, and most of all the user experience were all factored in when we made this list.

10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard – 2020 Edition

Here are the 10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

1) Logitech G613

Logitech G613
Logitech G613

This was the first keyboard we tested out being a budget keyboard tagged at an affordable price that varies around the above-average price for a keyboard. Logitech’s G613 is labeled to have their infamous LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, and the item really did keep up its reputation, as during the 30 days of testing the device did not fail on us even once.

The keyboard supports Bluetooth as well. It is built with Romer-G tactile mechanical switches which are used as an alternative to the Cherry Mx switches found globally. The Romer-G switch did feel a bit ”cheap” when compared to the quality of the Cherry switches, but if you are not accustomed to the Cherry Mx then this is quite minor. Something which we found quite useful was its multi-device connectivity, allowing users to switch between multiple devices easily.

Logitech G613 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G613

It is a 100% keyboard which fully supports macro’s and Media/volume control and has a dedicated row for it. The Wireless gaming keyboard comes in with dual AA batteries which are guaranteed to last 18 months of continuous use. Even though the keyboard looks a bit dull, it was super reliable, and the only downside we found was the fact that the wrist rest was not detachable. We liked how it had both 2.4GHz support along with Bluetooth making it compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. The quiet yet tactile keyboard is ideal for someone on a budget that wants a keyboard that fits both gaming and office use.

2) Logitech G915

Logitech G915 Wireless Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G915

Belonging to a more high-end series of wireless gaming keyboards the Logitech G915 is a state of the art product that is pretty expensive when compared to most of the other wireless gaming keyboards on this list. This keyboard comes in with Romer-G switches that can be changed between tactile, clicky, and linear according to the user’s preference, while we opted to go with the linear as that is something most gamers would prefer to go with, you can always pick what you want.

Logitech G915 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G915

The mechanical keyboard comes with its usual set of dedicated macro keys, media controls, and surprisingly full per-key RGB lighting. Although the wireless gaming keyboard looks slim it is surprisingly dense thanks to its ”Aluminium on plastic” structure, and it felt much more stable or less flimsy. A single charge gave us over 25 hours of use with RGB lighting enabled and close to 100 hours without it. The keyboard is a perfect blend of everything: reliable, long-lasting, fast, and most importantly it was uncompromising. The keyboard is extremely expensive, but if you can afford it, this is probably one of the best wireless gaming keyboards you can go to right now.

3) Corsair K63

Corsair K63 Gaming Keybaord
Corsair K63

The first thing we noticed trying out the new Corsair K63 was that it was quite minimal when compared to other bulky keyboards in its class; being both mechanical and durable, we expected it to have a sense of bulkiness but it was quite compact which may suit users that have limited desk space. The model comes with a detachable wrist rest and blue backlights, but the lights were quite troublesome when paired up with its low battery capacity.

Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keybaord
Corsair K63

The keyboard barely lasted over 14 hours with the lights on medium, and hilariously the manufactures even advised the users to plug it for uninterrupted game time, which in my opinion kind of defeats the purpose of it being wireless. All jokes aside, the keyboard is perfect for a gamer, fitted in with Cherry Mx Red switches that are a staple among high-end keyboards, it surely won’t disappoint. But for its price, we would have liked it to have macros or a Full RGB mode, but even without such features, the keyboard is solid enough to be on this list.

4) Anne Pro 2

Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard
Anne Pro 2

The queen of the compact keyboard series, this 60% wireless mechanical gaming keyboard comes in with 61 keys are fully supports both Mac and Windows users through its Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike certain keyboards, Anne Pro 2 has classic gaming features embedded into its core such as anti-ghosting, full-key rollover, and more.

The keyboard has RGB lighting and has a power duration of 8 hours on a single charge, which we felt was quite low but manageable nevertheless. The Gateron switches that come as its standard choice are quite reliable and make the keyboard much cheaper, which we felt was a good deal for a wireless gaming keyboard of this quality. There were some issues with its cable as we felt that it was quite glitchy on too many occasions, but taking that aside the keyboard is a solid choice.

5) Razor Turret 

Razor Turret wireless gaming keyboard

Belonging to the Razor series, the Razer turret was a must-buy for us. The wireless gaming keyboard came at a hefty price. It supports a 2.4 GHz connection and has the usual stable build of 104 keys. The switches belonged to their Razor mechanical switch series, which we felt to be quite mushy when compared to the Cherry Mx. It had a healthy lifespan closing in on 50 hours per charge giving it a 10/10 on the battery capacity.

The ergonomically built keyboard had beautiful RGB profiling that did not limit its power usage. It even had a compact mouse docker which we found to be pretty neat. The wrist rest was decent and did not inhibit movement in any kind. Razer Turret comes with its built-in software, Razer Synapse 3, which allows users to carry out certain actions and customizations from macro recording, button remapping to custom effects though the chroma studio. Its aluminum build makes it quite heavy and for a being one of the best wireless gaming keyboard’s it sure does tick all the yes’s.

6) Logitech K350

Logitech K350 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech K350

If you are someone that is not fixated on the looks of a keyboard but just wants it to cover the bare minimums, then the Logitech K350 is probably the best wireless gaming keyboard for you. Its cost lies at the lower end of the price spectrum but doesn’t be fooled by that as it is competent enough to hold its place on this list. The wave design, the soft cushion, and curvature of the keyboard scream comfort and it even had an extremely long-lasting battery which was marked by the manufacturer to last 3 years.

Logitech K350 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech K350

Its Setpoint software allowed us to easily work around its programmable keys, and the instant media access controls made quick work of anything related to volume/media playback. A dedicated button starts Media Center. The only con we had was that its keys felt a bit stiff and uneven, but considering its lower than average price, you really can’t ask for a whole lot.

7) G-Cord

G-Cord Wireless Gaming Keyboard

All though it comes from a lesser-known brand, this keyboard managed to completely grab our attention. This 100% keyboard comes with 104 keys all fitted in with Cherry Mx Brown switches which are probably the best all-around switches for a gaming keyboard. It was not noisy and yet had that bump which we all look forward to in a mechanical keyboard. It has both a wired mode and a wireless mode that supports a 2.4 GHz interface.

We had no issues with its battery as its 1300mAh rechargeable battery lasted over 13 days without needing a charge, and as stated by the manufacturer, it can last over 216 hours of heavy usage and over 480 hours of normal use. The price was decent on Amazon and a good day, you could probably net a nice deal for this one.

G-Cord Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The most important feature that many ignore on this model is its universal compatibility making it compatible with virtually PC and Operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Mac OS X. The rugged aluminum frame was a definite yes as it made the whole thing much more sturdy and durable without feeling like a block of flimsy plastic.


CORSAIR K57 Gaming Keyboard

Another model from the Corsair gaming series, this keyboard was pretty evenly priced when compared to the K63. The Corsair K57 comes fitted in with membrane switches, which is a defining point for many gamers as most prefer the mechanical aspect when they are looking at purchasing a gaming keyboard. However, the Corsair K57 did keep up its standards being noticeably quiet thanks to this.

The keys felt super responsive and were tagged by the manufacturer to have a 1ms response time with fast actuation and by our experience with it, it certainly wasn’t a fluke. The 104 key 100% keyboard had 6 macro keys which could be programmed to your liking. It had a solid build that was sturdy enough to be durable and yet had good ergonomics in its design. The presence of RGB lighting was a pleasant experience which we were pretty impressed by. Having both Bluetooth and support towards 2.4 GHz wireless technology means that it would certainly fulfill anyone’s standards.

9) RK RGB 


Another newbie in the industry of wireless gaming keyboards, the RK RGB was a skeptical buy from us due to its lack of consumer experience but after testing it out for our usual duration of 30 days through variations means, we can not only say that it is a great wireless gaming keyboard but that it can easily stand its ground against most of the giants mentioned on this list.

It came in with three switch options of Red, blue, and brown Mx switches, we opted to go with the blue as it was the most common type amongst gamers. The 87 key keyboard was extremely responsive and thanks to its 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity, the signal did not drop even once during our hours of use. The wireless gaming keyboard came in packed with a plethora of useful features such as key-rollovers and more.

It has some of the best-LED backlights that I have ever seen, the RGB illumination was superb. The only issue we faced was that the keys often felt loose, it could be a product error or a product trait, nevertheless, it was quite a wholesome experience to use it.

10) DREVO Calibur 

DREVO Calibur Wireless Gaming Keyboard
DREVO Calibur

DREVO Calibur is another 60% keyboard that comes in with 71 keys as its arsenal. The fully RGB backlit keyboard supports Bluetooth 4.0 which is something you don’t see in most wireless gaming keyboards. The compact design makes it an excellent choice if you are a gamer that is compromised through but wants the best experience possible. We did feel like the keyboard’s automatic RGB power down was annoying, as 20 odd seconds of inactivity would instantly power down the lights.

It had a fast charging speed which meant that one can fit onto their busy schedules and its 20-hour battery capacity is nothing to be light about. The ABS Doubleshot caps did not get icky through usage, managing to remain clean. Users can pick from the usual 4 switches: Black, Red, Blue, and Brown. Overall the keyboard was a definite yes and easily became a favorite of ours.


The world of gaming is constantly evolving and being at the top of the game requires the best and most reliable equipment. These keyboards have been personally tested by us and have made it onto the list due to the impeccable features that make them worth mentioning.

There are many pro players who only preferred wired gaming keyboards, you can check it here in our article about the Best Gaming Keyboard of 2020 which includes both Mechanical and Wired Gaming keyboard.

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