11 Best Gaming Keyboard in 2020 – Mechanical and Wired

Being a heavy gamer myself, I have gone through countless stressful moments where I was so sure I clicked that button on my keyboard, but it never came through, and so I proceeded to die like a newbie. Over the years, it never occurred to me that maybe it was not me, but it was my mushy membrane keyboard that led to my daily moments of intense frustration. It all changed after I got myself a brand new Corsair gaming keyboard off a Christmas sale, the moments of self-doubt and hair-ripping events of bad luck became few and thin and boosted my gaming experience considerably; proving to me that, just like skill your gaming equipment plays an invaluable role in finding success.

A keyboard is one of the most important devices in any gaming rig and if you are a MOBA player like me it may even trump over the mouse as the most important piece of hardware. Here in this article, we will be looking at the best gaming keyboards to make its way to the market; some of which you may be familiar with some of which you but nevertheless they are all great pieces of hardware that will boost your gaming experience to the next level. It should be noted that all these keyboards have been personally tested by us over a period of 30 days, where they went through various forms of stress tests to grade their performance and durability.

11 Best Gaming Keyboard in 2020 – Mechanical and Wired

Here Are the 11 Best Gaming Keyboard – Mechanical and Wired

1) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

A personal favorite of mine and my go-to gaming keyboard at the moment. It was the first time I purchased a mechanical keyboard that was manufactured Corsair and I have to say that the keyboard totally grew on me. I would probably do justice by stating that is it the best all-round keyboard on this list.

The keyboard is kind of big and heavy; it required me to make extra space on my tabletop to station it properly. The size is justified by the immense amount of features that it has in store for you, from RGB lighting, metal volume wheel, detachable premium-grade wrist rest, and many more. It is placed on the upper levels of price ratings but with understandable reasons, the build is of outstanding quality; made with aircraft-grade aluminum.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The only downside I had towards this keyboard was that the software that it comes bundled with for customization feels a bit overly complex, but if you can get used to it, it does allow a lot of in-depth customizations; from being able to use the 16.8 million color schemes in the keyboard, macros and other features to the fullest extent. The 8mb onboard storage fixes a big problem that was found in its predecessors, as the keyboard profiles have to be manually set each time it was connected to a new PC.

During our 30 days of continuous testing, we did not encounter any technical difficulties; the key presses are on point and extremely responsive and well-spaced out making it comfortable for all hand/finger sizes. Overall I would rank this as one of the better gaming keyboards in the market today even though it has a pretty steep cost.

2) Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite Gamiing Keyboard
Razer Huntsman Elite

Probably the most mechanically advanced keyboard in this list and quite frankly it is also the most expensive. The Razer Huntsman Elite has remained at the top of the gaming keyboard hierarchy thanks to its innovative switch design, namely the Razer Opto-mechanical switch, which is stated by the manufacturer to be the fastest in the market thanks to its lightning-fast actuation.

The Razer Opto-mechanical switches use a beam of light instead of a mechanical switch similar to the ones found in Cherry Mx, this making the registering of a click almost instantaneous. They are guaranteed to last 100 million keystrokes which are almost double when compared to a regular switch. The switches have a 45g point of actuation which gave impressive tactile feedback.

Razer Huntsman Elite Gamiing Keyboard
Razer Huntsman Elite

The keyboard has full RGB compatibility with 16.8 million colors in the configuration and just like the Corsair K95 this too comes in with onboard storage making the gaming keyboard super portable, but for some reason, the lighting profiles cannot be stored on the keyboard(if you are using a PC without the synapse software, you are pretty stuck with basic lighting patterns).

There aren’t any dedicated macro keys, however, which we found to be quite demoralizing for a keyboard with such a high price tag. There is also a secondary version of this known as the Tournament edition which comes with Opto-linear switches; its the same switch minus the tactile feedback which some may not prefer.

3) HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Another premium keyboard belonging to the HyperX series by Kingston Tech, it surely does the brand name justice. The simple-looking keyboard prices much better than most of its competitors, hovering around the middle-mark price which most would pay for a premium gaming keyboard.

Something that struck me the moment we purchased this for testing was that it did not have dedicated macros keys; this is quite controversial as it is much more moderately priced, but I feel the manufacturers could have replaced the media controls with a macro keyset instead, after all, this is a keyboard dedicated towards gamers.

It has a huge lineup of features that range from N-Key Rollover, USB Passthrough, detachable wrist rest to extra silver keycaps. The Cherry Mx switches that come with this gaming keyboard are fantastic as usual with the users being able to choose between Red, Brown, and Blue to match their preference, but the keycaps are quite problematic as they managed to catch fingerprints and dust quite easily.

The lighting configurations can be a bit troublesome due to the Ngenuity software being pretty unintuitive. I think this keyboard is a better bang for your buck when compared to most other high-end keyboards.

4) Asus ROG Strix Scope

Asus ROG Strix Scope Gaming Keyboard
Asus ROG Strix Scope

This is probably one of the few keyboards out there right now that values its core concept over flashy gimmicks. The Asus ROG Strix Scope is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is built to please the hardcore gamer who is not swooned over by functions that are unnecessary towards dominating your fields of action.

It does not have media controls or profiles but what is does have is a solid, standard build that is extremely reliable. The keyboard comes with Cherry Mx switches that can be altered between Cherry MX Blue, Black, Red, Brown, Silent Red, Speed Silver to fit the user’s preference, but what I found to be most remarkable is its Ctrl key which is quite broad; I was so happy seeing this as it allowed me to have much more freedom when playing FPS games which require the use of the Ctrl key much more than other games, the added broadness made sure that I did not miss it when pressing under pressurizing gunfights.

We did experience some key-wobble after about a week of continuous use, so that is something to keep in my mind when purchasing this keyboard. The keyboard fully supports macro customization. However, we would have preferred if it had a USB Passthrough, but nevertheless, it is a great gaming keyboard all around.

5) Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Gaming Keyboard
Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

This was an absolute beauty although it is quite expensive. This is one of those keyboards that give the user a satisfying feel when used, the Titan switches that replace the standard Cherry Mx have done a wonderful job of bringing out an authentic premium feel to each keystroke. The gaming keyboard was noticeably quieter than the others we tested and we have to give credit to the Titian switch for this characteristic.

It has an attractive lighting scheme that is further enhanced by the keycaps which only cover the top part of the key, the rest if exposed paving the way for some impressive RGB effects. It does not have dedicated macro keys which may be a bummer for some, and its rigid plastic wrist rest is not as comfortable as the softer ones found in most gaming keyboards.

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Gaming Keyboard
Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

We had some issues with its software, which is needed for the customization of the keyboard, it is pretty much a gamble when it comes to it; either you will like the software or you will despise it. Overall, it is a great keyboard and well worth your money, especially if you like its sleek and slender design over the bulky nature of most other gaming keyboards in the market.

6) Logitech K840

Logitech K840 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech K840


This keyboard stands at the lower end of the price range, sitting at where most people can easily snag without making tough decisions. Do not be fooled by its average though, the Logitech k840 is a massively underrated gaming keyboard that is good enough to make any list to date.

It comes in with Romer-G switches that were exclusive to the Logitech’s high-end boards, but by a stroke of luck, they have decided to include them in the build which by itself is a game-changer. The switches do feel a bit mushy; we compared it side by side to a Cherry Mx Brown and noticed some stiffness that tires out your fingers after a while. The ABS Keycaps are pad printed and they feel a bit cheap as well.

Logitech K840 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech K840

It does not, however, have RGB, macros, USB Passthroughs, and all those fancy features due to its lower price but what it does give is a solid low budget alternative to a high-end gaming keyboard that is in no way compromised in performance.

7) Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Gaming Keyboard
Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Probably the best customizable gaming keyboard out there, I made sure to snag one of these for myself as it is a perfect keyboard to persevere through those long hours of playing MMO and Moba games. The mechanical gaming keyboard comes in with Cherry Mx switches that can be switched between blue, brown, and red. The 2 halves of the split keyboard are connected through a braided cable allowing you to space the keys out to fit your personal preference.

In addition to the customizability of the keyboard, it has excellent performance-based features such as, onboard storage which supports up to 9 profiles, 10 dedicated macro keys, and many more. Something we found to be transcendent about this keyboard is that it is fully customizable without the need for external software, but if you wish to do so there is the Kinesis smartest software; the availability of such options makes it really user friendly as a whole.

The keyboard has a certain learning curve to it though, because of its innovative design, it took us a good amount of time before we were completely comfortable with it. It should also be noted down that the ‘’ Lift-kit ‘’ does not come with the keyboard, it’s an addon which costs extra.

8) HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Alloy Origins Gaming Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Origins

This is another no-nonsense gaming keyboard that is well crafted and has a build solid enough to be competitive. The innovative keyboard has the new HyperX Red switches which are a cross between the Razer and the Cherry, although the switches feel like they need a bit more power to reach the actuation point they make way for a more affordable alternative.

But beware, after about a week of use, certain keys started to emit a ringing sound upon being pressed, this could be a manufacturing error or something related to the series. The base of the keyboard has the generic aluminum finish which is found in all HyperX products. However, it does not have dedicated macro switches which is understandable when taken into account its moderate price tag. We did feel like the keycaps were poorly designed, they felt quite cheap compared to ones in the market today; you may need to replace these.

The gaming keyboard supports HyperX’s new software Ngenuity, which allows its users to make all the customizations needed from RGB lighting to resetting keys and macro’s. It can store up to 3 onboard profiles which I feel is decent enough. I would definitely consider this as an option if you wish to buy a more affordable keyboard.

9) Logitech Pro X

Logitech Pro X Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Pro X

If you are into Esports or if you are a key-switch geek, then this is the gaming keyboard for you. It is pretty expensive, but I would be more surprised if it wasn’t. The Logitech Pro X allows you to carry out certain customizations that are literally not found on any other off-the-shelf gaming keyboard out there.

The Logitech Pro X allows its users to swap not only the keycaps but the switches themselves; that is per key, allowing you to effortlessly switch between Logitech GX Red, Blue, and Brown switches. It does not, however, have luxury features such as USB passthrough’s and dedicated macro/media keys.

Logitech Pro X Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Pro X

The fact that the keyboard doesn’t allow complete remapping of keys was a disappointment; only F keys can be remapped. The presence of a micro USB instead of a type C keyboard end is pretty daunting but the locking mechanism present makes up for it. In our eyes, this is a gaming keyboard that was built for the world of esports, and if you are heavily into it, this is probably the best buy for you.

10) Corsair K70 Mk2

Corsair K70 Mk2 Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K70 Mk2

Similar to the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, this is another high-end keyboard by the same manufacturer. After testing this for over 30 days, we literally found zero major flaws in the keyboard. The keyboard has a gorgeous design that has extensive RGB options to choose from, including multiple lighting profiles that can be fully customized to fit your preference.

The mechanical gaming keyboard comes in with authentic Cherry Mx switches that can be altered between Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, Silent, or Speed to fit user preference. It even has a built-in game mode that prevents users from tabbing out accidentally when in-game.

Corsair K70 Mk2 Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K70 Mk2

The only problem we saw was that it has no macro keys, for a keyboard that is extremely expensive we would have liked to see it incorporated in the basic build.  If you can look past its pretty steep price, we would definitely recommend getting this keyboard as it is an absolute beauty to type and game with

11) Razer BlackWidow Lite

Razer BlackWidow Lite Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow Lite

This is probably a keyboard that may not fit everyone’s plate so we decided to add it in as an honorable mention. The Razer BlackWidow Lite is a Tenkeyless keyboard which has simple white lighting along with a Razors Orange switch as its choice. The keys are a bit squeaky and require additional O-rings to fix it but other than the keys are pretty decent. It is quite inexpensive and small in structure.

We did experience some finger cramping upon using this keyboard for an extended period of time, maybe it is because of the keys being packed in together. If you are looking for something that will not break the bank while being simplistic in design and structure this may be the choice for you.


These are the top gaming keyboards in the market to date, we have listed keyboards that will suit everyone from FPS players, heavy MMO players to competitive Esports athletes. Take a look at our list and make your choice from the best.

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