10 Best Gaming Chair 2020 – Computer Chair for Pro Pc Gamers

As gamers, every time we play a game we play to win it and to be on the top. To become the best and well-known player we go beyond our limits which no other can dream of. We gamers put so many efforts in playing games that we forget about our body posture and how our body reacts when we play games continuously.

So Gaming Chair is the best solution to calm our body and mind for better and effective gameplay.

We spent hours and thousands of dollars picking every part to build extreme gaming pc, but you should have been giving your gaming chair a choice just as more important.

There are several factors to select the best gaming chair that suits your body, so make sure to check your fit. Also, make sure to check its width and depth of the seat too. Some of the gaming chairs claim that you can easily sit crossed legged but that depends on the size and the length of your legs.

So, When you come down to which gaming chair design is best for you, lumbar support and head pillow is the key, It doesn’t matter how much hours you play, it helps your body support to maintain its ideal posture.

There are also other features to get more comfort like segmented padding, contoured support, built-in extendable footrest, general style, upholstery, adjustable armrest, etc. are also important.

So here is the list of Gaming Chair that we recommend for your Pc gaming setup.

10 Best Gaming Chairs in 2020

List of 10 Best Gaming Chair in 2020

1) Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega 2020 is the best gaming chair
Secretlab Omega

The Omega Series by Secretlab is the best gaming chair I ever tested. This is my personal favorite because it uses some of the top materials. The Omega 2020 Series comes with upgraded improvements, includes PU leather, Cold-Cure Foam Mix which gives comfort and great support to your body, it feels a little bit firm at first but gets comfortable after some hours of gaming.

The chair has a metal armrest mechanism, making it more comfortable when you play games. The secret of Omega which made them out of the crowd is that they included signature memory foam lumbar and head pillows. These are so comfortable that you can easily fully backrest recline the chair and take a nap. If you’re looking for a chair that last long and treat your body with care, the Secretlab Omega is worth to own.

2) Corsair T3 Rush

Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair
Corsair T3 Rush

Another premium chair anyone can fall for it. As it looks in the image, the T3 Rush is extremely comfy because of its breathable soft fabric. The benefit of it is that it retrains lower heat and helps you to keep fresh and dry throughout your gaming hours instead of sweating.

If you’re waiting to respawn and wanted to lie back or want to take a small nap before starting live streaming of any games like CS: GO, Dota2, or Pubg, the T3 Rush has a reclining backrest along with an adjustable armrest and height of the seat.

Of course, it comes with a memory foam lumbar and neck pillow. The only major thing is that Corsair T3 Rush essentially fits for the smaller framed user. If you need a large seat then the T3 will tight and uncomfortable for you. Besides that, T3 Rush is an amazingly impressive looking gaming chair.


3) Noblechairs HERO

Noblechairs HERO gaming chair
Noblechairs HERO

You are streaming your gameplay live or reviewing any game, the thing your viewers’ notices are your gaming chair, and then they search for the same chair as yours. So, Noblechairs are the best premium and luxurious gaming chairs I ever tested because they gave what they have promised. If you prefer a softer seat then this chair is for you buddy. Surely, it will take care of your back and neck.

The Hero having adjustable lumbar support which is easily adjustable and comfortable too. Noble chair introduced Hero Series as the largest gaming chair so it can be used by the larger framed user. Not only a seat but also armrest are larger too.

The hero can be used for both gaming and office chair, amazing isn’t it, if you can afford it. We recommend you the Noblechairs Hero in uPVC leather. It has a decent recline and heavy too but it glides pretty smoothly. The hero can be easily assembled, but it is a little heavy so make sure you have your mate with you.

4) Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair
Secretlab Titan


So here is another Series of Secretlab which is called Titan, I already told you that this company Secretlab is my personal favorite. As you can see from the image, Titan has new and upgraded PU leather and fabric which is more durable for endless hours of gaming.

It has a cold-cure foam mix which gives you a greater level of seating experience and it’s so much comfy that you don’t want to get up from you’re chair because it helps you to keep your body stable and in the right posture. It also comes with a full-length backrest recliner.

You don’t need a separate lumbar cushion, as the Titan having integrated adjustable lumbar support which is built into the chair. Set lumbar as per your comfort and it will give you all the support for your back. Titan also comes with 4D armrests, you can customize it as per your preference. Yes, it comes with memory foam pillows for your head which includes a coating of cooling gel in the pillow for a cooling effect.

5) VERTAGEAR S-Line SL2000

VERTAGEAR S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair

Vertagear is known for its racing looking gaming chair, S-line SL2000 is a sporty looking chair which comes with so many different color combinations. As usual, it comes with a soft neck and lumbar support pillows. The chair made from top quality PVC leather which is not only material but comes with features like stain and water-resistant. So, don’t worry to drop something on the chair while eating.

Sl2000 is made of a breathable open-cell structure which limits the temperature and keeps the flow of air smooth. The chair gives great support and comfort to your body because it has dense foamed padding. The adjustable backrest can only go up to 140 degrees, it can’t go more than that.

It also has an adjustable armrest that gives better support to your wrist and it can take a max load of 330lbs.

6) Arozzi Verona Junior

Arozzi Verona Junior Gaming Chair
Arozzi Verona Junior

This gaming chair got you whether you are a kid or shorter than the average human. The Verona Junior is made for individuals whose height is under 5’2. This chair holds your body so perfectly that you feel so much comfortable. The great part is that you can touch your feet to the ground and it easy to use your keyboard and mouse without getting upwards.

As you can see other chairs which are typically made for men with keep in the mind of big size, Arozzi specially made this Verona junior chair for any gender with a shorter size. It can be easily assembled with a weight limit of 130 lb.

With many hours of comfortable gameplay, it comes with a soft back and neck pillows. It reclines to the end of 165 degrees which is pretty amazing for a fearless nap.

7) Andaseat Axe Series

Andaseat Axe Series Gaming Chair
Andaseat Axe Series

This gaming chair has amazing ergonomic designs. The Axe Series chairs are large, the max load it can take is up to 430 lbs which are impressive and the max height is 6’9 tall because it has a high back. You can sit comfortably with the leg crossed.

Axe series use premium PVC leather which is soft and comfortable, easy to clean too. Anda seat Axe comes with a nice ergonomics headrest and lumbar. You can easily adjust the lumbar according to the curve of your back, fix right on the spot to get relief from pain which is caused by long hours of sitting.

The armrests are 2D adjustable and you can tilt your back by 160 degrees. The framework of the chair is built by high-quality steel and the base is made from 5-star aluminum, a solid structure is what this gaming chair more focuses on.

8) NZXT x Vertagear SL5000

NZXT x Vertagear SL5000 Gamng Chair
NZXT x Vertagear SL5000

A racing series gaming chair with elegant purple and the black color combination is what every gamer dreams about. There are a variety of color combinations too, with customizable 4D armrest for wide adjustments for better support to your wrist and arms. The backrest is manually adjustable to relieve from any particular back pain. It also comes with neck and lumbar cushions for better support.

The exterior of the char is made of PVC leather which is stain and water-resistant. The base is made up of aluminum. The only feel unease is that the seat has to have a little more cushion compared to the extra comfy cushy backrest. Otherwise, it’s so beautiful and comfortable gaming chair that is worth each penny.

9) Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Embody Chair


I know this sounds crazy but this chair by Herman is going to cost you heavy money because this type of chair is only manufactured by Herman Miller. The mind behind making this chair is consists of more than 20 physicians and PhDs from different fields, yes you heard it right. The result of this makes your mind blown away.

The curves of the embody chair make your heart wiggle and wanted to sit when you lay eyes on the chair for the first time. Herman Miller claims that this chair will enhance your health by proper pressure distribution to your back.

Embody chair support matrix of pixels which helps to maintain healthy circulation and focus. The back of the chair is designed like a human with a central spine and flexible ribs. This adjustment allows you to back fit with your natural back curve and it will automatically shift positions accordingly when it adapts your movements. We all know deep down that we want it, what are we waiting for then.

10) DXRacer Iron Series

DXRacer Iron Series Gaming Chair
DXRacer Iron Series

This chair is the most popular brand in the eSports community. Iron Series has a higher backrest to support your full-back and it is easy to recline too. DXRacer is robust ergonomics, has a 4D armrest to support your wrist, uses high-density mold shaping foam which is soft and comfortable for long-lasting sitting hours.

The maximum weight this gaming chair can take is 275lbs and the maximum user height up to 6’3”. As usual, the base is made up of aluminum and it is easy to assemble. Yes, it comes with both lumbar and neck support cushion.


This wraps up our list of the Best Gaming Chair in 2020 out there in the gaming market for you. if you’re a heavy gamer and very enthusiastic about gaming and on the other hand if you cared about your body then you’re in the right place to choose the right gaming chair for yourself.

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